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If you are a regular reader of my blog you know that I am a fan of Dave Ramsey and his approach to eliminating debt.  This is kind of a strange thing for a bankruptcy lawyer (for some weird reason many bankruptcy attorneys are not on board with the Dave Ramsey approach).

This past weekend I went to the Smart Conference here in Phoenix – a conference put on by Dave Ramsey with speakers giving presentations on topics such as finance, marriage, retirement, and parenting.  A scheduling conflict came up last minute and my wife couldn’t attend with me.  So, I decided to take my fifteen (15) year old son.  And while I don’t know if he got a whole out of the first two speakers (marriage and retirement) I was pleasantly surprised in speaking with him afterwords how much he retained and that he had an interest in learning more about Dave Ramsey and his approach to money.

When we arrived thirty (30) minutes early to the Smart Conference I was shocked to see the mass of humanity that was standing a in line that stretched completely around the city block that held the Comerica theater.  Here is a picture from the parking garage:

Dave Ramsey Smart Conference 2015, Phoenix, Arizona

Dave Ramsey Smart Conference 2015, Phoenix, Arizona

As we were standing there in line I found myself wondering “what is it about Dave Ramsey that makes people reach out to him this way?”  What is it that he offers that attracts people in such large numbers?

And the more I thought about it, it suddenly hit me – Dave Ramsey provides something that I have been providing my clients for years –

A plan.

Financial Peace Comes from Having a Plan and Then Implementing It

Day in and day out I see the relief in my client’s faces when they come in, discuss their debt problem, and then realize that there really is something that can be done to get them back on track – a notion that they didn’t believe was even possible before.

In my experience the number one thing that causes people stress when it comes to dealing with debt is fear of the unknown.  Fear that your wages are going to be garnished, fear that your bank account is going to be levied, fear that you are going to jail!

Once you have gained the knowledge of when and if those terrible things are actually going to happen you then realize that not only are there options on how to deal with your debt problem but that you have more control then you ever imagined.

At the Smart Conference, Dave Ramsey referred to an alarming (although not shocking) statistic – 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.  Living on the edge is stressful.  Dave Ramsey provides hope – he provides a concrete plan – as to how people can break that cycle, get out of debt, and actually save some money.

If you are facing a true debt crisis (wage garnishment, debt collection lawsuit, foreclosure, etc.), there is a serious amount of stress and sleepless nights as you contemplate the worst case scenarios.  However, when you take the time learn what your options are and realize that you too can put together a plan that will deal with your debt problem and even your debt crisis once and for all, you have taken the first step towards real financial peace.

Are you dealing with a serious debt problem?  Let’s talk and put a game plan together for you.


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