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There are many troubling factors that Queen Creek residents must take into consideration when they are considering filing an Arizona bankruptcy. All of these questions and concerns are legitimate and should be considered, but it is important that if you are facing hard financial decision, you don’t have to make them alone. As a Queen Creek bankruptcy attorney, I strive to help individuals considering bankruptcy to realize their options, evaluate if bankruptcy is necessary, and represent them throughout the process. Consider what bankruptcy may do for you and why a lawyer will be able to help you in this process.

When You Should Consider Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a legal way of helping consumers resolve their debts over an extended period of time. Bankruptcy can be a very helpful tool for those facing very difficult financial times, but it can come at a pretty large cost. The following are some rules of thumb that may be able to help you determine if bankruptcy is right for you:

  • Will you be able to pay off all of your unsecured debts – such as credit cards and utilities – over the next three years?
  • Are your wages being garnished?
  • Are you consistently late on paying bills or simply can’t afford bills you receive?
  • Did you lose a job for longer than a year without being able to find any work or income?
  • Are you willing to risk lenders potentially not giving you money in the future to clear your debts now?
  • Can you afford surrendering valuable possessions to the court in order to clear your debts?
  • Are creditors threatening to sue you or requiring that the court enforce bankruptcy on you?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it may be time to consider what an attorney will be able to help you reorganize your finances and navigate through the bankruptcy system.

Determining The Type of Bankruptcy You Will File

If you decide, based on your circumstances, that bankruptcy is the best option for you, there are generally two main routes that you may be able to pursue. The first is called a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and the second is called a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a debtor is able to clear most of his or her unsecured debts (except for some types of student loans) and stop the creditors from calling or contacting you for payment. It serves as a fresh start, but is only provided as an option if an individual’s income is below the median Arizona salary. There are other strict guidelines that someone filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but anyone who doesn’t qualify for this type of bankruptcy may still be eligible to file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is considered more of a restructuring of debts by setting up a repayment plan with creditors. Though a Chapter 13 doesn’t generally clear debts, it does allow individuals to get control of their finances and serves as a fresh start in paying back debts in manageable amounts.

Why Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney

Many people will consider a bankruptcy attorney because of the experience they offer, the advice they give, and the representation they provide on your behalf. When you turn to me as your bankruptcy lawyer in Queen Creek, I will consult with you to determine if bankruptcy is the best option for your circumstances, or if there are other avenues you may be able to pursue. Together, we will evaluate which type is right for you to file, and I will help you organize all the paperwork and information you will need to prove your financial status. Hiring an attorney for your bankruptcy ensures that no items are missed, the process is expedited, and that you have someone with Arizona law experience fighting for your rights.

Consumer Rights Litigation Attorney

If you are being sued by junk debt collectors, I also provide legal assistance to protect your rights as a consumer and help litigate against the companies who employ shady practices to get you to pay them. If you are being sued by Midland Funding or other debt collection agencies, it will be in your best advantage to contact me to resolve the dispute and evaluate the best possible outcomes.

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