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In Phoenix alone, nearly 10 thousand or more people file for bankruptcy every year. These families and individuals are put in difficult financial positions where they feel like they are unable to escape the pressures of the creditors and where their options are limited. If you find yourself in a similar situation, it is important to know that you always have choices. At Arizona Consumer Law Group, PLC, I am dedicated to helping families who are facing financial troubles by advocating for them and offering legal advice and representation as their Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer. I know how difficult the prospect of bankruptcy can be, but hiring me as your attorney will better allow you to evaluate your options, make informed decisions, and produce the most favorable outcome in a tough situation.

Deciding to Declare Bankruptcy

There are a few factors that go into deciding whether bankruptcy is right for you. In general, you may want to consider bankruptcy if you know that you will not be able to pay off your unsecured debts over the next three to five years, if your wages are being garnished, if you are consistently late paying bills, if you have missed many payments and will not be able to pay more, if you have lost an income stream for over a year, and/or if you are willing to endure long-term consequences to clear your debts now. These are difficult questions to answer, and the paperwork to substantiate bankruptcy is even harder, but I have vast experience in gathering the appropriate information you need to weigh your options. In our initial consultation and subsequent meetings, we will set up a plan and actively take steps together to get you started on the right path.

Which Type of Bankruptcy You Should File

After making the decision to declare bankruptcy, I will help you decide which type is right for you. For most Phoenix residents, this will consist of either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Both of these types are decided by your income and how it weighs against Arizona’s median income.

For those whose income falls below the median income in Arizona, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the best option. A Chapter 7 eliminates most unsecured debts, such as credit card debts and unpaid utility bills, to give you a fresh start. There are some debts that are still maintained, but filing for this type of bankruptcy may mean sacrificing certain possessions to partially pay back your creditors. It also entails a substantial hit on your credit score, but your creditors will stop harassing and threatening you and your large amounts of debt will be wiped clean.

If your income is higher than the Arizona median, you may still be eligible for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which reorganizes your debts and sets you up on a 3 to 5 year repayment plan with your creditors. This option also provides relief from your creditors while you are paying back your debts.

Both types of bankruptcy require a lot of paperwork and fees the government charges to file them.

Consumer Defense

If you have been sued by or are struggling with junk debt collectors, I also provide you legal representation to protect your rights. Big companies who buy charged off debts barely operate within the law, and if they are hassling you for their payment, especially if that debt is past the statute of limitations, you have the right to fight the lawsuit. To help you fight as a consumer against these agencies, I can also represent you in defense of these suits.

Getting a Phoenix Attorney

As your bankruptcy lawyer in Phoenix, I won’t only counsel you on all the best decisions for your circumstance, I will also advocate for you in court and help you prepare your paperwork and other prerequisite requirements for filing bankruptcy. The application for either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is very lengthy and technical, so having someone work with you who knows Arizona bankruptcy law and how to fill out the appropriate forms will only expedite the process and ensure that the courts will accept your bankruptcy. Getting in contact with me is easy, and I offer free consultations to help you decide if bankruptcy is right for you. Simply visit my site to set up a time to meet or call, or simply call my wonder staff to schedule a time we can talk about your situation.

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