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Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy and Car Repossession

A Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Take on Dave Ramsey

What Happens to My Car Loan & Home Loans in Bankruptcy?

Difference Between Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Debt Settlement v. Bankruptcy

Factors that Influence Successful Debt Settlement

Common Bankruptcy Myths

Tax Refunds & Bankruptcy

Debt Collection Lawsuits

Credit Card Statute of Limitations in Arizona

New Arizona Court Decision on Credit Card Debt Statute of Limitations

3 Myths of Service of Process on Debt Collection Lawsuits

Junk Debt Buyers – Who are They and Why are They Suing You?

Sued by a Debt Collector? Don’t Give Up!

How to Avoid a Process Server – Debt Collection Lawsuits

Renewal of Judgments in Arizona

Can I Really Win My Debt Collection Lawsuit?

Will Private Student Loans Be Wiped Out?

Fair Debt Collection

How to Deal with Abusive Debt Collectors

Debt Settlement

Can Creditor’s Still Collect on Charged-Off Debts?

Should I Use my 401(k) to Settlement My Debts?

Wage Garnishment

3 Ways to Deal with Wage Garnishment

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