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It is a frustrating and difficult situation when finances are tight and you are barely able to make ends meet. When creditors begin calling you and making threats to get their payments, it can seem like the cards are stacked against you. If you are in this position, you may be considering bankruptcy as an option, and if you are, you don’t have to go through it alone. By getting yourself a Glendale bankruptcy attorney, you can receive peace of mind about your finances. We help you go through the whole bankruptcy process from start to finish. With our years of experience, we can help you decide what type bankruptcy to declare, organize the appropriate paperwork, and represent you in any court or negotiation proceedings. See what you can anticipate when you file for bankruptcy in Arizona and how we will assist you through the process.

Understanding Bankruptcy

What many people don’t know is that there are actually two main types of bankruptcy that Glendale residents may consider declaring. The first is called a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In this type of bankruptcy, credit card debts and other unsecured personal loans are discharged. This type of bankruptcy is only a consideration if your income is less than the Arizona median, and there are many other factors and paperwork that the courts and creditors require before permitting this type of bankruptcy. There are some negative repercussions with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, such as a destroyed credit score, required financial planning classes, and the loss of some possessions, but you will be able to clear major debts and wipe the slate clean. A bankruptcy lawyer is very beneficial in these types of situations, as we will help you organize all of the documentation you will need to present your case. We are also able to look at your situation personally and really evaluate if this is the best course of action you should pursue.

The second main type of bankruptcy is called a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This differs from a Chapter 7 in that debts aren’t cleared, but rather restructured to be paid back with a specific plan that your attorney will negotiate with the courts and your creditors. The process takes anywhere from three to five years, depending on your circumstances.

Protecting Consumer Rights

In addition to bankruptcy representation, I also specialize in helping Glendale residents fight junk debt collector lawsuits. Some agencies that buy charged off debts harass you into paying these bills and serve you lawsuits to get payment for these debts. They often overstep the law in their approach, and I am dedicated to helping consumers like you protect their rights and fight these junk lawsuits in court.

Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney in Glendale

Getting in touch with me is easy. We will set up a free consultation to evaluate your case and discuss preliminary actions we can take to tackle your bankruptcy together. I will help you get all the necessary documentation and for your case and work in your behalf so your bankruptcy achieves the most desirable results. Don’t hesitate to call me and start your bankruptcy case off right. 480-420-4028

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