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The decision to declare bankruptcy can be a difficult one. There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding which type of bankruptcy to file, and each produces different outcomes that could affect you for a very long time. Those who find themselves making this difficult decision should consider legal representation by hiring me as their bankruptcy lawyer in Peoria. Hiring an attorney not only streamlines the bankruptcy process, it also informs you of your options and makes sure you receive the best possible outcomes for your case. See what is involved in filing for an Arizona bankruptcy and how I can help you every step of the way.

Before Filing for Bankruptcy

Within the 6 months before filing for bankruptcy, a debtor must first take credit counseling and a financial management course. These two actions are meant to instruct individuals on how to avoid bankruptcy in the future and how to be responsible with their spending.

After these are completed, the courts will also look at your income and expenses to determine which bankruptcy chapter you are allowed to file. This entails gathering the correct paperwork (income statements, list of major financial transactions) and other reports detailing your living expenses, debts, and assets. They will also weigh your current income against Arizona’s median income. Any income below the median means you have the ability to choose a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and income above the median means you may file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. I will be able to help you submit the correct paperwork to declare your financial status as well as counsel with you about the choices that will help you achieve the most desirable outcome from your declaration. I have years of experience in organizing the appropriate documents that the courts are looking for and can help you determine which of part of your assets or property is exempt from seizure during the preliminary filing process.

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13

Simply put, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy clears away all of your unsecured credit card and personal loan debts while a Chapter 13 bankruptcy sets up a payment plan with your creditors to pay off your debts within three to five years. There are fees for filing the paperwork for either type of bankruptcy, and each includes a form of debt relief and a major hit on your credit score. In addition to helping you with the complicated paperwork and navigating Arizona law, I also take on the responsibility of ensuring that your repayment plans are set up correctly and that creditors refrain from making contact with you after you have filed.

Consumer Rights

In addition to helping consumers with their bankruptcy problems, I also help Peoria residents fight lawsuits handed to them by junk debt collectors. Big debt collection agencies commonly try to collect payments on charged-off debts from original lenders, sometimes with no proof of an account ever being opened. They resort to illegal tactics to get you to pay them, including threatening calls, constant harassing, and lawsuits. If you are wondering why you are being sued by one of these debt collection agencies, I can help you prepare your statements and fight their illegal actions in court.

Providing the Best Bankruptcy Representation in Peoria

Those who are facing bankruptcy don’t need to do it alone. It can be a very difficult process without the help of an experienced lawyer, from the overwhelming amount of paperwork and documents you are expected to provide to the repayment process. Let me help you achieve the most favorable results. Call me today at 480-420-4028 to represent you as your bankruptcy attorney in Peoria.

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