How many times in the last year have you received a notice that your power may be cut off because your are behind on the monthly bill?  Or wondered how you were going to get to work or the kids to school because you didn’t have enough gas money?  How many nights have you laid awake wondering how you were ever going to get out of the financial mess you are currently suffering through?

As a bankruptcy attorney, I have a unique view into the pain many families are going through during these very tough economic times.  I meet with several families each week in my bankruptcy consultations where they tell me the difficulties they are going through and how great the struggle is to make it through each day.  To those not experiencing financial difficulties this may all sound like a stretch.  To those living with a job loss or pay reduction along with a large debt load you know that financial problems can be all consuming – constant worrying about things like where the money is going to come from to pay for your kid’s school lunch ticket.

This is where bankruptcy can help.  A common theme in many of my articles is that most people do not want to file for bankruptcy.  In fact, it is very rare that someone comes into my office that hasn’t done all they can (including incurring more credit card debt) in hopes of being able to avoid filing for bankruptcy.  There comes a point though, when you must decide whether there is a realistic chance of you being able to get out of debt or whether you will continue to suffer under your current financial stress.

The “fresh start” a bankruptcy provides is often used as a tag line in the bankruptcy law world.  But bankruptcy, and particularly Chapter 7 bankruptcy, really can give you a fresh start.  In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy you can eliminate all of your credit card debt, law suits, judgment, and stop garnishments.  You literally wipe the slate clean and start again rebuilding your credit without being constantly harassed by your creditors.  The fresh start bankruptcy provides does not come without a price.  Your credit score will be lowered.  However it is not forever.  With responsible spending after your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case most can recover within three (3) years.  FHA can even qualify you for a home loan  within three (3) years of your Chapter 7 bankruptcy being discharged.

You will also need to pay a bankruptcy lawyer.  Even if you don’t hire me, don’t go through bankruptcy alone.  Hire an attorney.  It will be some of the best money you can spend.  I charge $1,700 in most Chapter 7 cases.  If you think of what that buys you, it is not a bad deal.  It buys you the peace that comes with being debt free, the peace of no more collection calls, and the peace of knowing a law suit is not out there with your name on it.

Bankruptcy is not a painless process, however for many it is the only true hope of getting out of a difficult situation.  I would be happy to meet with you and answer your questions and review your situation to determine if bankruptcy is a good option  for you.  My bankruptcy consultations are always free.  I can be reached at (480) 420-4028 or via email at

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