Video course, midland fundingThis week I launched a new video course that I created specifically designed to provide helpful information people who are being sued by debt collectors like Midland Funding, Portfolio Recovery, Unifund, Cortez Investment, CACH, LLC and many others.  While I produce a lot of videos on my website this course is somewhat different.  This course is four (4) videos that go into detail on who the debt buyers are, why they are suing you, the civil litigation process and what to expect a trial, proven strategies that can help you win your debt collection case, and what to do if you happen to lose.

It is my hope that the information in this course will alleviate some of the stress that you are going through and give you a better understanding of the process you are going through and how you can defend yourself.  The course is completely free of charge.  If you would like to sign up click on the video picture below and you will be sent the course via email.

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John Skiba, Esq. John Skiba, Esq.

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