When it comes to finding a real solution to debt problems the amount of information on the internet and elsewhere can be really overwhelming. In my law practice I meet dozens of families each week who are struggling with debt collection, lawsuits, wage garnishment and even home foreclosure. To make matters more difficult most are not in the position to be able to hire an attorney to assist with their problem.

That is why I started the Consumer Warrior Project – to assist families with tools and resources that can be used to effectively deal with debt problems without having to incur the added expense of legal fees.

I am excited to announce that I just completed a new course that is focused on helping people come up with a game plan to settle their debts for less than the amount owed and avoid bankruptcy.

This course is entitled “Proven Strategies for Settling Debt Without Filing for Bankruptcy“. The course is a six-part instructional video series that walks you through the strategies behind debt settlement, common mistakes and how to avoid them, tips on how to get the lowest settlement possible, the implications of debt settlement have on your credit report, and possible tax consequences of debt settlement.

Along with the videos attendees will receive access to forms and templates to get the ball rolling with their debt settlement plan.

Click HERE to learn more about this course on debt settlement.

If you are dealing with debt and are looking for some direction but aren’t in the position to hire an attorney – check out this and the other courses and resources and the Consumer Warrior Project.

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