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What is Legal Coaching?

Legal coaching is when you hire an attorney to help you with limited legal representation or for a particular purpose like preparation of a document.

In the traditional attorney/client relationship the lawyer handles all tasks associated with representation in a lawsuit.

However, with legal coaching you will typically represent yourself in your debt collection case but will receive assistance in the following:

  • Development of a case strategy
  • Preparation of legal documents (Answer, Discovery, Disclosures, etc.)
  • Coaching on courtroom procedure and courtroom etiquette
  • Coaching and preparation for trials and other hearings

With legal coaching you are representing yourself in court but have the peace of mind of having an attorney meet with you to not only prepare you for court but assist with preparation of court documents.

What Are the Advantages of Legal Coaching?

Legal coaching provides you with the ability to get the specific legal services you need while keeping costs much lower than the traditional full service attorney/client arrangement.

You can receive as much or as little assistance as you need with your case and all within your budget.

Legal coaching allows you to save money by doing some of the work yourself while having the assurance that you are taking the appropriate steps to defend yourself in your case.

It is important to understand that not all cases are appropriate for legal coaching – particularly large or complex cases. After we meet with you and review your case we will discuss with you if legal coaching is appropriate for your case.

It is also important to understand that while a legal coaching arrangement will provide you with a lawyer to assist you in your case, you are still representing yourself and are responsible for all court filings and court hearings. In our typical legal coaching arrangement your legal coach will not be attending court with you.

What Type of Cases Do You Offer Legal Coaching For?

Here at the Arizona Consumer Law Group we offer legal services to those who are facing debt collection lawsuits from junk debt buyers like Midland Funding, Portfolio Recovery Associates, Cavalry SPV, CACH, and many others.

We also offer assistance with student loan lawsuits brought by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust.

We also offer assistance with both justice court cases and those cases filed in the superior court system.

We offer legal coaching services in all stages of these types of lawsuits, including services such as:

  • Development of Case Strategy
  • Court hearing preparation and procedure
  • Trial preparation and procedure
  • Drafting the Answer to the Summons and Complaint
  • Drafting the Initial Disclosure Statement
  • Drafting responses to written discovery requests
  • Drafting Pre-Arbitration Statements
  • Drafting Pre-Trial Statements

How Do I Get Started with Legal Coaching?

The Arizona Consumer Law Group offers legal coaching in the areas of junk debt buyer lawsuits and debt settlement.

To get started fill out the questions below and we will get back to you later today to start the process.

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