The bulk of debt collection lawsuits filed by junk debt buyers like Midland Funding, Cavalry SPV, Portfolio Recovery Associates, CACH (or any of the many other debt buyers) are for surprisingly little money.

You might assume that the higher amount owed on the credit card the more likely the junk debt buyer is to file a lawsuit.

Not so.

In fact, the sweet spot for most debt buyers are the accounts that have a balance owed of roughly $2,500.

Why $2,500?

Because the debt buyers know that a lawsuit for $2,500 is unlikely going to push someone into bankruptcy. Further, they know that most attorneys will charge $1,000 – $2,000 in legal fees alone and therefore it doesn’t make financial sense to retain a lawyer.

The $2,500 lawsuit is no man’s land – where most consumers end up battling against the debt buyer’s lawyers all alone. They don’t have the protection of the bankruptcy court and don’t have the advantage of having a consumer protection lawyer in their corner who knows the ropes.

This is were legal coaching can bridge the gap.

What is Legal Coaching?

Legal coaching is the process where you can represent yourself in your debt collection lawsuit with the assistance of a lawyer-coach who can provide you with the information and training needed to present your defenses with confidence.

Under Arizona law judges are required to hold self-represented parties to the same standards as the lawyers that appear before them. The problem is you will be facing lawyers who have handled hundreds or even thousands of debt collection lawsuits. Right from the beginning the playing field is not level.

Many of the people I meet with who are being sued by a debt collector are willing to handle much of the work themselves but they aren’t familiar with the rules, procedures, and laws that will give them the best opportunity to prevail in court.

With legal coaching I can assist you in the following areas:

  • Personalized Coaching Services: With this service you are representing yourself in court however you will have phone and email access to me to review your documents, discuss case strategy, and to receive training on courtroom procedures and presentation so that you focus on the issues and matters that your judge is most concerned with.
  • Document Preparation Services: Often I see self represented litigants try to defend their debt collection case by using the forms provided by the justice court. This is often a big mistake. In order to win your case you must do more than just complete a fill-in-the-blank document; you must provide the court with the property legal authorities and present it in a persuasive way that will get the judge to rule in your favor. With our document preparation service you will still be representing yourself in court but the attorney will draft the required documents like the Answer, Response to Motion for Summary Judgment, and Responses to Written Discovery Requests.
  • Quick Phone/Email Communication: Sometimes you have a quick question or issue that you need the assistance of an attorney. With this service you can get access to an attorney for a quick 15 minute phone call or email access to discuss an issue with your case.

How Much Does Legal Coaching Cost?

The biggest advantage to legal coaching is that you are in control of your legal representation. The typical arrangement when an attorney is hired is a retainer is paid up front, work is billed against that retainer, and then you get a new legal fees bill each month. It can be down right scary to have no idea what next month’s bill is going to look like!

With our Legal Coaching services you purchase a limited service or a limited amount of coaching time with the lawyer. Once you have the information and/or documents you need you no longer have to keep paying the attorney to handle your case.

You are able to keep your costs low by putting in some “sweat equity” into your case.

Here’s what’s included in our services:

  • Legal Coaching Services – Basic Package: Our Basic Package includes one (1) hour of attorney time to review documents, conduct a case review, develop case strategy, hearing or trial preparation, and answer questions you have about the court room process. You will also get instant access to a downloadable template for drafting your court pleadings. The Basic Package cost is $275. If you need additional time for your case that can be purchased on an hourly basis at the rate of $225 per hour.
  • Legal Coaching Services – Consumer Warrior Package: Our Premium Package includes two (2) hours of attorney time, all the services included in the Legal Coaching Basic Package, plus instant access to the entire Consumer Warrior online video instructional library – a $125 value. The Premium Package is available for $625. Additional attorney time can be purchased at the rate of $225 per hour.
  • Quick Email/Phone Communication: This service gives you access via email/phone to discuss your case and go over any concerns or strategy issues you are having with your case. This service is offered at the rate of $75 per email or $95 per 15 minute phone call.

How Do I Get Started?

If Legal Coaching sounds like a good fit for your situation you can get started simply by clicking below and completing the information below.  Once you do that we will get back to you the same day and gather some additional details on your situation and then set up a coaching plan.

You don’t have to battle the debt collectors alone. Let’s do this!



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