I have helped Arizona families deal with serious debt problems for nearly two decades. During that time the biggest hurdle for most families that desperately needed debt relief was how they could afford to pay the legal fees associated with filing for bankruptcy. In times past, when it came to filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy case in Arizona you were required to pay all of the legal fees and the court filing fees before the bankruptcy case was filed. I often referred to this as the “bankruptcy paradox”. How can a family that is already struggling to make ends meet come up with a couple thousand dollars to hire competent bankruptcy counsel?

Many couldn’t come up with the money and as result were faced with foreclosure, repossession, and wage garnishment. Others had to go into further debt and risk harming important relationships by borrowing money from family and friends.

Now, things have changed. Whereas before bankruptcy lawyers in Arizona were required to have all of the legal fees up front, now we at the Arizona Consumer Law Group can file your bankruptcy for no money down, and then you make monthly payments after the bankruptcy case has been filed.

Why is this is a big deal?

Because collection activities of creditors, including wage garnishment, bank levy, foreclosure, debt collection calls and lawsuits, all must stop as soon as the chapter 7 bankruptcy has been filed with the bankruptcy court. The sooner your bankruptcy case is filed the less collection activity you will have to endure and the sooner you can obtain the fresh start you are seeking.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Payment Options for Arizona Residents

Here at the Arizona Consumer Law Group, we offer three different payment options to get your chapter 7 bankruptcy case started quickly.

$0 Down Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you need to file bankruptcy quickly but don’t have a lot of money available the $0 down option is the quickest way to get your bankruptcy case started and stop the debt collectors. After the case is filed the legal fees will be paid over a 12 month period allowing you the flexibility to take care of a pressing debt concern now. This type of filing is especially helpful for Arizona residents facing a debt collection lawsuit, wage garnishment, or bank levy.

$500 Down Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

This option is identical to the $0 Down Chapter Bankruptcy option listed above just cheaper. If you are able to put down $500 before your chapter 7 bankruptcy case is filed it will save you $350 off the total price of the bankruptcy.

Pre-Paid Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The cheapest way to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy with the Arizona Consumer Law Group is through the pre-paid option. It does have one drawback – you must pay the full legal fee before your chapter 7 bankruptcy case is filed with the court. As of 2019, the legal fees for a chapter 7 bankruptcy under the pre-paid option are $1,950. The bankruptcy court will charge you an additional $335 for the filing fee. Considering those two fees, the total amount that would need to be paid before your bankruptcy could be filed would be $2,285. My office will begin drafting your documents for $500 down, which will be applied to the total amount of $2,285.

Free Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Consultation at the Arizona Consumer Law Group

Not sure which is the best option for your situation? Here at the Arizona Consumer Law Group we offer a free consultation where you will meet personally with bankruptcy attorney John Skiba to discuss your financial situation and review different bankruptcy non-bankruptcy options. There is never any pressure to make a decision quickly.

You can schedule a free bankruptcy consultation by calling (480) 420-4028 or by going to our online scheduling system by clicking below:

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John Skiba, Esq. John Skiba, Esq.

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