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Debt Collectors Must Treat You with Truth, Fairness, Dignity, and Respect

Debt collector harassment is a real problem. Many people find themselves going through financial hard times and unable to meet all of their obligations. Once you fall behind that is when the phone calls start – and too often the harassment starts.

Debt collectors must abide by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The FDCPA prohibits debt collectors from doing the following:

  • Threatening garnishments, liens, arrest, or even lawsuits
  • Yelling, insulting or swearing at you
  • Leaving abusive voicemail messages
  • Calling family or friends or even your employer to collect a debt
  • Threatening, lying, or any other abusive or harassing action

You don’t have to take the abuse. You can fight back against abusive debt collectors.

It is Against the Law for Debt Collectors to Robo-Call Your Cell Phone

It is generally against the law for debt collectors to make robo-calls to your cell phone. In fact, it is even against the law for them to robo-call your cell phone and leave a message without your express consent.

If you are being bombarded with calls to your cell phone, whether it be from a debt collector or a telemarketer you can make it stop and you may be entitled to compensation.

What Should You Do If You have Been Abused by a Debt Collector?

If you have been abused or harassed by a debt collector who is trying to collect on a consumer debt then you have the right to sue for damages under the FDCPA. My office does not charge any fee is there is no recovery on your behalf.

There is No Fee Unless We Recover in Your Case

The FDCPA states that if a debt collector violates your rights that you may be entitled to statutory damages of up to $1,000, actual damages, and the debt collector will responsible for paying your attorney’s fees and court costs.

If I agree to represent you in your FDCPA case you won’t pay me anything unless we recover on your behalf. You may be responsible for some court costs in your lawsuit.

If you are tired of the being harassed and abused by debt collectors give me a call I offer a free consultation where we can put together a game plan to make the calls stop.

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