Filing bankruptcy can be a nerve-wracking process.  Fear of the unknown stops many people from taking that first step of meeting with a bankruptcy attorney.  While bankruptcy is not a painless process it is not something that should stop from you pursuing your goal of becoming debt free.  To help people overcome their fears of the bankruptcy process I am going to dedicate the next 7 days to 7 articles that provide a detailed breakdown of the chapter 7 bankruptcy process.  Here is a preview of the 7 steps:


  • Initial Consultation
  • Final Review and Signing of Your Bankruptcy Documents
  • Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Requirement
  • Filing Day & the Automatic Stay
  • The Meeting of Creditors
  • Post-Bankruptcy Financial Management Course Requirement
  • The Discharge


My goal is that armed with this information you will be able to make sound decisions when it comes to your bankruptcy case and will be able to push aside the fear factor and move forward with rehabbing your financial life.

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