Over the past several years I have restricted my law practice to bankruptcy and bankruptcy related matters.  Some of you know that in a prior life I did quite a bit of work in the civil litigation area, handling lawsuits and even a some jury trials along the way.  After meeting with many people in my bankruptcy consultations that don’t really need bankruptcy but don’t really need a full blown litigation lawyer I have decided it would be helpful to my clients to provide what are known in the legal world as “limited scope” representation or “unbundled” legal services.  While my bankruptcy practice will remain the principle focus of my law firm, for those that don’t need to file bankruptcy these services provide an affordable alternative.

Here are the legal services I am currently offering in addition to my bankruptcy work:

Limited Scope Representation in Court Proceedings

If you have been sued you know the stress that comes with the unknown.  The legal system can be intimidating if you don’t understand the process or know how to prepare the necessary documents.   Attorneys, however, are expensive.  Most law firms require a substantial retainer fee (usually thousands of dollars) before they will agree to represent you.  Representing yourself through a legal proceeding can be a costly minefield. Through my limited scope representation services we can meet in the middle.  I can provide you with information, resources, and even help you draft documents that need to be filed with the court – all at a fraction of the cost of retaining a full representation attorney.

You get the benefit of having a lawyer help you with the legal process while being able to control costs by only buying what you need.  If you are willing to do some of the legwork in your case, limited scope representation is a good option for you.

Legal Letters

Have you ever been involved in a situation where you felt that a simple letter from an attorney would resolve the situation?  Finding a law office that is willing to help with this limited service is difficult.  I would be happy to help you in learning more about your situation and drafting a letter to help you resolve your legal situation.  Not only will I help you prepare a letter that you can send, if you would prefer I can prepare a letter that is sent out on my firm’s letterhead under my signature.

Legal Documents

Using the online virtual part of my law practice you can purchase legal documents to help you with the creation of an LLC, help you respond to collection agencies who are violating federal law, landlord/tenant documents, rental leases, and even a bill of sale.  You provide the information needed to prepare your documents through an online secure portal; I will review and revise the documents as necessary, and then deliver them to you.

Legal Advice Phone Call

Often all you may need is to understand what the law is in particular area in order to make sound decisions.  Through this service you can get your legal questions answered without leaving your home.  I also offer this service via Email or Web Cam.

Legal & Court Coaching

Over my career I have met many people who are representing themselves in court and who have done a pretty good job of it.  However, not knowing the procedures and rules of the court can sink an otherwise good case.  Further, representing yourself is difficult because it can be tough to be objective.

With my legal and court coaching services I am there to help you evaluate your case, understand the procedural steps to the legal process, and even coach you on persuasive ways to present your arguments.

The self help route or even limited scope representation is not for everyone.  However, if you are experiencing a legal problem or need a legal document this is an affordable alternative to hiring an attorney for full representation.  As with my bankruptcy work, I believe in being completely up front with you on what the legal fees will be.  No hide the ball here.  You will immediately see what the fee for the service or document is right there on the website.  You can even pay for the legal services right on my website with a credit card.

As always, if you would like to meet with me for a bankruptcy consultation it can be set up with absolutely no charge.  If you would like to take advantage of these new services log on and check out what we are offering.  I can be reached at (480) 420-4028 or via email at john@skibalaw.com .


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