Midland Funding A fair amount of my law practice is devoted to helping people in Arizona who have been sued by Midland Funding.  With that being said, I clearly have a bias when it comes to answering the question of whether or not you should hire a lawyer rather than fight Midland Funding on your own.  I believe you absolutely should.

I understand that there are several reasons why you may believe that it doesn’t make sense to hire a lawyer.  You may be broke and hiring a lawyer simply isn’t in the budget.  The Midland Funding lawsuit may be for a relatively small amount.  Whatever the reason I would like to give you 5 factors that you should consider before representing yourself in your Midland Funding lawsuit.

1.     Midland Funding Will Have a Lawyer

Midland Funding will have an attorney on their side.  An attorney who likely handles thousands of Midland Funding cases on a monthly basis.  They will be well versed in techniques that are designed to intimidate you and get you to settle.  If you don’t have an attorney from the get go you are not on equal footing and are less likely to win your case.

2.    You Don’t Deal With Midland Funding Cases All Day Long

Not a day goes by that I don’t deal with some aspect of a Midland Funding lawsuit.  This is what I do.  Just like you are going to be much better at performing what ever task or service you do for a living than I would be, an lawyer is going to be able to handle a court case better then you will be able to.  I don’t say that to be condescending or rude, but the truth of it is that the legal procedures that need to be followed and the legal arguments that need to be presented to win your case are really not something you will be able to obtain by reading up on it on the internet.

3.     There Are a Lot of Judges in Arizona

Most Midland Funding cases in Arizona are heard by a Justice of the Peace.  In Maricopa County alone there are 26 different Justice Courts not to mention the Superior Court.  Why does this matter?  Each Justice of the Peace treats collection cases like your Midland Funding case a little different.  Some Justices may be sympathetic to your case.  Others flat out won’t.

If you know ahead of time how different Justices tend to rule you can make decisions such as whether you should strike a Justice (not literally – but legally, meaning to have another Justice assigned).  Trust me, often the difference between winning and losing your case will be the Justice that is assigned to your case.  Having an attorney who has appeared before each an everyone of the Justices can make a big difference in your case strategy.

4.    Lawsuits Take Time

A lawsuit can take a lot of your free time – particularly if you need to do research to make sure you are following the Rules of Civil Procedure and that you understand the law and why it is you should win your case.   I have had many clients come in and tell me that the “small” lawsuit they have with Midland Funding is now dominating their lives.  Having an attorney can take a huge burden off of your shoulders and reduce your stress.

5.  Your Are More Likely to Win Your Case 

This is just me being honest.  Even if you don’t hire me, you have a much better chance of winning your Midland Funding lawsuit if you have an attorney.   My father and brother and both mechanics (Skiba Auto!).  I learned long ago that I would not be joining the family business and turning the wrenches.  I could get a book or look up on Youtube how to fix my car, but at the end of the day, if I have something wrong with my car, I reach out to my dad and my brother.  They simply know what they are doing whereas I don’t.  If I want it done right, I call the mechanic.

I fully realize that there are times when it is just not possible to hire an attorney.  But if you can swing it, it will be in your best interests to do so.  And, if you live in Arizona there is a law on the books that says if you win your case at trial that the the Justice of the Peace can make Midland Funding pay your attorney’s fees.