How Bankruptcy Can Help

Stop Garnishment

Wage garnishment is often the tipping point for people facing serious debt issues. It is possible to ignore…

Stop Lawsuits

You hear the knock and the door and the next thing you know you are being handed legal papers, and then it hits you – you’ve been sued.

Stop Foreclosure

Losing your home can be devastating.  There are many reasons homes fall into foreclosure – loss of a job, reduced income, or an adjustment to the interest rate in your mortgage that raises the payment to the point that the home is no longer affordable.

Eliminating Debt

Bankruptcy is great for stopping foreclosures, lawsuits, garnishments, and collection calls. But the main reason people file for bankruptcy is to eliminate debt.

End the Collection Calls

Forty-Two. That’s the record. I had one client tell me she received on average forty-two collection calls per day.

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