In days past if a person couldn’t pay their bills debt collectors would send a few letters and make a few collection calls, but if payment wasn’t received within a certain time period the debt was often charged-off by the creditor and the consumer rarely heard from them again.

But then everything changed.

The rise of the Debt Buyers has resulted in collection activity on old charged-off debt for years to come – sometimes even after the statute of limitations has expired.  Every so often the debt changes hands and a new debt collector tries their hand and getting money out of the consumer.

Debt collection letters and phone calls never seem to stop.  But now there is a way to make the calls and harassing letters stop

$99 to Stop Debt Collector Harassment Now!

Here at the Arizona Consumer Law Group we do our best to assist consumers as they resolve their outstanding debt problems.  We know that the never ending phone calls and threatening letters add to the stress and anxiety associated with debt issues.

However, federal collection law requires debt collectors to stop contacting you – both over the phone and via letter – if you are represented by an attorney.

As a service to our clients we now offer a limited scope service where the attorneys at the Arizona Consumer Law Group will agree to represent you by fielding your collection calls and accepting collection letters at our office as you work to resolve your debt issues.

While most attorneys in Arizona charge $300 or more per hour – we are offing this service for a flat fee of $99.

For $99 we will send a Cease & Desist letter to your creditors along with a demand that they validate the debt.  Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) once a debt collector is made aware that you are represented by an attorney all debt collection must stop – no phone calls, no letters, no nothing.

If debt collectors continue to contact you after being provided notice that the Arizona Consumer Law Group represents you that is a violation of the FDCPA and could give rise to a claim against the debt collector resulting in damages, including money to you and payment of court costs and attorney’s fees.

If you are ready to have the phone stop ringing and eliminate the collection letter out of your mailbox give us a call at (480) 420-4028 and mentioned this article, email me at, or click below to set up a free consultation.
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