iStock_000002381400SmallOnce you pick a bankruptcy lawyer you can set this puppy on auto-pilot and you are good to go – right?  Not right.  You need to view your chosen bankruptcy lawyer more as a guide through the bankruptcy journey rather than captain of the bankruptcy cruise.

Here are three responsibilities that are now yours:

1.  Complete and Total Honesty

Don’t ever lie to your bankruptcy attorney.  Don’t ever hide anything from your bankruptcy attorney.  Remember, you are on the same the team.  Your lawyer wants to help you through this process with as little stress as possible (for both you and your lawyer).  In order to do that your lawyer must know everything.

If you aren’t comfortable disclosing all of your financial dealings with your bankruptcy lawyer go find one you are comfortable with.  If you think you can hide things and get away with it you are wrong.  Millions have gone through this process before you and the court and the US Trustee have seen every imaginable trick in the book.

Help me to help you.

2.   Prepare with Exactness

If you want your bankruptcy process to go as smooth as possible, then be as accurate as possible when providing your attorney with information.  Don’t round.  If you made $45,675 in 2012 don’t tell your attorney you made $46k.  What may seem like an insignificant detail now may end up costing you big time in the end.  Be exact.

3.  Take Ownership of Your Bankruptcy

In the end, this is your bankruptcy.  It is you who will receive the benefit.  Not your attorney.  Not the judge.  Not the United States Trustee.

What do I mean by take ownership of your bankruptcy?  If the bankruptcy trustee asks you for a copy of your tax return within 7 days – get it done.  Don’t rely on your bankruptcy attorney to remind you or make him chase you down for it.  Understand that it is your case that is on the line and everything you can do to facilitate the process will only help you in the long run.

I know some of this sounds harsh.  And I truly don’t mean it to be.  What I want for you and for all of my clients is to be able to fully take advantage of bankruptcy process and get that coveted fresh start.

You have had enough sleepless nights.  It is time for you to finally have financial peace.  To not worry about lawsuits, credit cards, wage garnishments, or any of those other awful things you have been fighting.

Together with your bankruptcy lawyer you can achieve what you never thought possible – becoming debt free!


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