Midland Funding Arizona Debt CollectionIf you have been sued by a junk debt buyer like Midland Funding, CACH, LLC, or Cavalry SPV it can feel like you are the only one dealing with such stressful problems.  But the reality is you are far from being alone when it comes to dealing with junk debt buyer lawsuits.

I pulled the numbers on junk debt buyer lawsuits that were filed in the justice court system in Maricopa County, Arizona.  The total for October alone?  Over 2,900.  Wow!  And to think that was only one month.  The big filers of these lawsuits in Maricopa County are Midland Funding, Portfolio Recovery, CACH, LLC, and Cavalry SPV.

And something to remember is that these numbers don’t represent the cases filed in the Maricopa County Superior Court where the amount in dispute must be more than $10,000.

The point of this article is a short one – you are not alone.

The scourge of debt buyer lawsuits infects huge a segment of the population in Arizona.  And the tough thing is over 94% of these types of cases end up with default judgment.  People simply fail to act.  And that is too bad because many times these cases can be won.

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