_podcastTemplateOver the years the most read articles on my blog have to do with drafting an Answer to a junk Debt Buyer’s lawsuit and avoiding a default judgment.  I just wrote an article recently where I discussed my research in Arizona last month nearly 3,000 junk debt buyer lawsuits were filed by companies like Midland Funding, CACH, LLC, Cavalry SPV, and Portfolio Recovery.  3,000!  That is a lot of families impacted by lawsuits and unfortunately most will end up in a default judgment.

It is with that in mind that I have started The Consumer Warrior Project.  The goal of The Consumer Warrior Project is to help consumers help themselves. So much of the stress and heartache that accompanies serious debt problems comes from people failing to participate in the process.

I am in the process of creating a series of courses that will guide you through the steps of the debt collection lawsuit process and key elements you must know to avoid a judgment being entered against you.

Today I am proud to announce that the first course has just been launched entitled “How to Draft an Answer to a Debt Buyer Lawsuit“.

This course goes step-by-step over:

  • Understanding the Summons and Complaint
  • Calculating When the Answer is Due
  • Understanding Affirmative Defenses and Why they Are so Important
  • Drafting the Answer
  • Understanding the Details of Filing Your Case with the Court

I am offering this course at a true fraction of what it would cost to hire an attorney to handle your case.

You can learn more about the course by clicking HERE.

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