Recently I began offering online legal services in response to a need that I saw going unmet.  Specifically, people who need legal help in going through the court process but either couldn’t afford to pay an attorney or it simply didn’t make financial sense to hire an attorney because the amount in dispute wasn’t great.

I recently had spoken with a person that had a situation that was the perfect example of this.  This couple had been sued in the Justice Court here in Arizona by a collection agency over a credit card debt.  The lawsuit alleged that they owed a little over $1,000 plus court costs and attorney’s fees.  In speaking with this couple they expressed a desire to contest this lawsuit as they didn’t believe the debt was theirs.  They had never had a credit card with the bank that was suing them and wanted to fight the case.

They were faced with the choice of doing nothing, which would lead to a default judgment and possible garnishment of wages or bank accounts.  Or, they could hire an attorney to fight it and spend more in attorney’s fees than the plaintiff was seeking in the lawsuit.  Many people in this situation just give in and pay the debt even though they don’t owe it.  It is cheaper to pay the debt than to hire an attorney and fight it.  I am providing a third option through my Self-Help Legal Center.

Representing Yourself with the help of Online Legal Services

The “unbundled” legal services I offer online will allow you to save costs by representing yourself in court and at the same time provide you with the knowledge necessary to navigate the court system.  I will even help you draft the documents you need to file with the court to avoid a default judgment or prepare for a trial.  This is all done for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a lawyer to represent throughout your entire case.  Essentially, you control your legal costs by using an attorney for the areas of your case where you may need help, like in the area of document preparation, but save money by doing some of the leg work yourself such as appearing in court.

Legal Services Delivered Online

In an era when almost everything we do is online, it should be no surprise that legal services are now being delivered to clients via the internet.  On my website I have a secure portal that clients can log into and upload documents, download documents I have prepared for them, leave me messages, and basically have access to their case 24 hours a day.  You can even pay your bill through this portal.

I understand how busy life can be.  I run my own law practice, coach my son’s football team, and have 5 daughters (yes, 5!).  It can be difficult to break free from the routine to meet with doctors, lawyers, accountants.  Using my Online Legal Services Center you can get the legal work completed that you need without having to take time off of work or worry about finding a babysitter.  Also, these services are available to anyone in Arizona, so if you live in a more remote part of the state, you can have the same access as if you lived in downtown Phoenix.

You can access the online legal services portion of my website by clicking here:  Self Help Legal Center .  I offer free consultations where we can discuss your specific situation.  Feel free to contact me online or at (480) 420-4028 or via email at .

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John Skiba, Esq. John Skiba, Esq.

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