Bankruptcy in Mesa, Arizona Over the years I have helped a lot of families that I personally know with their bankruptcy case.  I have always appreciated that friends and family would feel comfortable coming to me to discuss their personal financial situation and assist them through the bankruptcy process – I am not sure I would be that brave.

Last night I was scrolling through my feed on Facebook and saw some posts from families that I had worked with over the years and it was great to see how they have been able to not just move on from their bankruptcy filing but really prosper.

As tough a decision as bankruptcy is to make, you shouldn’t let it define who you are or what you can accomplish going forward.  Your current financial status should not be what makes you the person you are.  I have clients who have literally been millionaires, lost it all, had to file for bankruptcy, and have been able to work their way back to the top.  Financial conditions will often change as we work through life.  Sometimes better, sometimes worse.

Too often we beat ourselves up over what, in hindsight, was a stupid financial decision, or because we are going through a financial set back.  Use the tools (like bankruptcy) that are available and move on to bigger and better things.

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Check out the recording of my Video Webinar for detailed information on the bankruptcy process.  You can access “Bankruptcy Basics:  Pros & Cons of Filing Bankruptcy” by clicking HERE.

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