Midland Funding, portfolio RecoveryThe other day I had a trial against a junk debt buyer that ended in a directed verdict in favor of my client.  This means that the court found that the junk debt buyer had put forth so little evidence that it was unnecessary for me to put on any type of defense – the court simply granted judgment in favor of my client.

This case ended in the best possible way for my client.  And as we were leaving the court room I recalled that the junk debt buyer had rejected prior offers to settle and kept demanding ridiculous amounts.  Now, not only did the junk debt buyer lose the case, there is a strong possibility under Arizona law that they will be required to reimburse my client for all of the attorney’s fees and costs they spent in defending their case.

The point of this post is simply this – your case is better than you think.  The junk debt buyers will try and make you think otherwise, but there are serious flaws in their cases that will help you in either reaching a reasonable settlement or winning your case at trial.  Don’t give in.  Your position is better than you think.


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