When I am not working as a bankruptcy attorney or fighting debt buyers like Midland Funding in court a lot of my time is spent working on my hobby farm.  Right now we have about 20 chickens and a few cattle.  Chickens for the most part are mindless birds who do things like eat their own eggs, poop everywhere, and flee at the slightest sense of danger (being that low on the food chain must be stressful).

I have noticed that when I go out to feed them they will come running up to me, but if I get too close they will bend the legs and flex  their wings slightly and generally appear to be bracing for total destruction.  It is as if they have processed in their chicken minds that the end is near, it is too late to run, so I might as well close my eyes and wait for the worst.  I haven’t killed any of my chickens (at least not on purpose), so after a few seconds they realize nothing is going to happen and they jump up and run off.

When it comes to dealing with debt problems many people are like my chickens.  Things have gotten bad – really bad.  Total destruction seems imminent, so instead of jumping and running or turning around and fighting or pecking that creditor in the foot with your beak, you do nothing.  You simply close your eyes, turn off your phone ringer, and brace yourself for the worst.  This type of strategy will likely not end well.  In this age of debt buyers and other collectors debts do not typically just go away.  Debts are bought and sold with each new debt collector thinking they are the ones who will have a shot at getting money out of your pocket.

This article, and my entire blog for that matter, is not really set up to help you avoid getting into debt in the first place.  There are plenty of websites, books and blogs that can help you there.  What I want to do is provide you with the information you need to fight your way out of this tough situation you find yourself in and get your life back.  If you believe you are facing total financial destruction you need to act.  Find out what you need to know about bankruptcy, how to fight off that debt buyer lawsuit, or how to effectively deal with collection agencies while you work your way out of debt.

You have options, you just need to find out what they are, and then ACT.

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