default judgmentDid you know that over 95% of debt collection lawsuits end in a default judgment?  Default judgments can wreck all kinds of havoc. Once a creditor is armed with a default judgment the creditor can do things like garnish wages, levy bank accounts, and even lien property.

With such a high default rate it is no surprise that a large percentage of the people I meet with in my office come in looking for ways to eliminate a default judgment.  What may be surprising is the high number of people who have a default judgment against them but don’t find out until after their wages are garnished.

How can this be?  How can a creditor sue you, get a default judgment, and garnish your wages without you even being notified that a lawsuit was even filed?  In this episode of the Consumer Warrior Podcast I discuss how creditors are able to side-step the strict requirements necessary to obtain a default judgment and give you three (3) different strategies on how you can finally deal with the default judgment once and for all.

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