Consumer Warrior ProjectEvery year over 400,000 debt collection lawsuits are filed by junk debt buyers like Midland Funding, Portfolio Recovery Associates, Cavalry SPV, and CACH, LLC.   Worse yet, nearly 95% of these collection cases end in a default judgment – meaning that the consumer who was sued with the lawsuit failed to respond.

I have met with thousands of families over the years who are facing a junk debt buyer lawsuit and the #1 reason people fail to fight back against the junk debt buyer is because they simply don’t know what to do.

This if followed closely by families not having the money necessary to hire an attorney and the mistaken belief that there is nothing that can be done to push back against abusive collectors.

Those that do fight back often do so without the benefit of a lawyer or even any real understanding of what it takes to win a junk debt buyer lawsuit.

Further, winning against a junk debt buyer takes a lot more than just filling out a few forms. You must understand the law, legal procedure, and how to properly present your case.

Announcing the Consumer Warrior Project – Online Video Courses

It is with this in mind that I am proud to announce the launching of the Consumer Warrior Project – consisting of online video courses that will not only provide you with information on the law but will assist you with proven strategies that you can use to fight back against the junk debt buyer.

With this initial launch I am excited to provide three courses on the following topics:

Each of these courses consists of video modules that walk you step-by-step through the process, teach you how to draft the necessary court documents, and explain the relevant statutes and rules that you will need to know to effectively present your case. You will even receive forms and templates so that you can prepare your own documents to submit to the court.

And even better, you will have unlimited access to these videos.

Additional Courses are in the Works!

I am currently working on additional course covering topics like:

  • Preparing for Trial
  • How to Draft Written Discovery Questions in Junk Debt Buyer Cases
  • How to Make Objections in Court with Confidence
  • Understanding the Hearsay Rule regarding Business Records
  • When to File Fair Debt Collection Protection Act (FDCPA) Counterclaims against Junk Debt Buyers

When Do They Become Available?

The Consumer Warrior Project video courses are available now!  Click here to access them now!

Don’t Wait. Too many people end up with wage garnishments, bank levies, and liens on their home because they don’t act.


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