Let’s do this.  Let’s put together your game plan on getting out of debt in this new year.  This is the year it is going to happen.  Next year at this time you will have no debt. Stop and think of that.  No debt!   But it is going to take some planning.

The first step, you need to find a bankruptcy attorney.  I know that this is self serving, but as I always tell people, even if you don’t hire me, hire a bankruptcy attorney.  You wouldn’t try to take your own appendix out.  Don’t try and handle your own bankruptcy.  You will be dealing with a real court (federal court in fact!), a real judge, and your creditors will have real attorneys.  Seek out and hire a competent bankruptcy lawyer.  You need someone on your side.

So where do you find such a person?  A good place is by contacting the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA).  NACBA is a group of attorneys that practice bankruptcy law and aggressively stay up to date with the latest court decisions and bankruptcy information.

You can also ask around.  Surprisingly, people are very forthcoming with this information and they can let you know if they have had a good experience with a particular attorney.  One caveat…ask friends and family for recommendations on a bankruptcy attorney but don’t ask them for bankruptcy advice.  Some of the worst legal advice you can get is from family and friends and it can have devastating consequences.

Also, don’t be afraid to meet with more than one attorney.  Routinely people tell me they will be meeting with other attorneys after me.    Bankruptcy is a big decision and hopefully a once in a lifetime decision.  Make sure you choose the right professional to guide you through this journey.

Are you ready?