Dave Ramsey Debtor EducationSeveral years ago I was driving my family from Arizona to Utah to be with family for the holidays.  This is about an eleven (11) hour drive (and with six kids it is awesome!).  While stopped for gas I found a copy of Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and bought it and my wife read it aloud for the next 8 hours of the trip.  When Dave Ramsey started offering Debtor Education courses that complied with the requirements of the Bankruptcy Code I jumped at the opportunity to provide them for my clients.

Why?  Two reasons.  First I believe that Dave Ramsey offers valuable information that can truly help people change their financial lives. Second, he is entertaining.  So many of the bankruptcy education courses offered are dull and uninteresting. Dave Ramsey does a great job of not only educating but making it enjoyable to watch.

I have been offering the Dave Ramsey Debtor Education course exclusively to my clients for over two years now.  Recently the people over at Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coaching department have started offering a one hour live webinar each month that is focused specifically on those families that have just completed their bankruptcy.

I am proud to now offer this webinar as well as Dave’s book “Starting Over- Dave Ramsey’s Post-Bankruptcy Survival Guide” as part of the chapter 7 bankruptcy package for all chapter 7 bankruptcy clients.

Please know that I do not receive any financial kick-back in any way from the people at Dave Ramsey.  In fact, all of these products I offer cost my office money.  But I have found them to be valuable for my clients and have received a lot of very positive feedback on the Dave Ramsey Debtor Education course.

Not only are the products good, but I view this as a way to help all of my bankruptcy clients get back on track and really take advantage of their Fresh Start.

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