YouTube Skiba Law Group, debt, videosThis year I have put additional time and effort into creating a video series that would help consumers deal with debt problems ranging from debt collection lawsuits, debt buyer litigation, debt settlement, abusive collection cases (FDCPA), and bankruptcy.

The videos are not long – most under 3 minutes – but I am trying to give very specific information on the debt collection system, what you can expect, and ways you can fight back.  Here are a few of the titles you will find in the library:

  • My Debt Was Charged-Off.  Why are Debt Collectors Still Calling Me?
  • 4 Keys to Successful Debt Settlement
  • How to Defeat Motion for Summary Judgment in Your Debt Collection Lawsuit
  • Can Bankruptcy Stop a Wage Garnishment

You can access these videos directly through my website by clicking HERE.  Or you can access them through the Skiba Law Group’s Youtube Channel by clicking HERE.  I would be interested to get some feed back as to whether or not the videos are helpful and what other topics you would be interested in learning more about.  If you feel so inclined I would appreciate you “liking” my videos as well.

Watch For New Videos on Consumer Debt Issues Each Week

My goal is to put up at least four new videos each week dealing on a variety of debt collection topics.  Let me know if there is a question you would like to see answered in the video.

Here are a couple of the most watched videos thus far:

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