Midland Funding Case Dismissed, Attorney's Fees AwardedNot a day goes by that I don’t get several calls or emails from people that have been sued by Midland Funding, one of the largest debt buyers in the nation.  Most find me through past particles I have written on the subject of debt collection lawsuits – particularly those involving Midland Funding.  I write these articles to provide not only information but real world examples of how you can actually win these types of lawsuits.

Recently I had a client whom I represented in a trial against Midland Funding.  When the day of trial arrived I sat there in an empty courtroom waiting for the judge to start the proceedings.  A few minutes before the trial was about to begin the attorney for Midland Funding walked in alone.

As the case began it soon became apparent that Midland Funding had no witnesses there to testify.  They did call my client to testify and tried to use them to introduce some of Midland’s document’s into evidence (Objection! Foundation, hearsay, and a bunch of other stuff).  The judge had none of it and dismissed Midland’s case.

Winning the case is a great thing, the cherry on top was that the judge also ordered Midland Funding to pay my client’s attorney’s fees and all of the costs associated with the case.  To say the least, it is very gratifying for me to sit across from my client and not only tell them that the case against them has been dismissed, but to give them a check for all of the attorney’s fees that had to pay me.

Can you win your case against Midland Funding?  Absolutely.



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