Facebook Trolls debt collectionAlmost without exception when I post an article dealing with debt collection or bankruptcy on the Facebook Page for the Consumer Warrior Project someone will leave a comment like “pay your bills, then you won’t have any problems!”  or “life hack #1- pay your debts and you won’t have to deal with debt collectors.”

If only life were so easy.

It is my experience that those who most often make such comments don’t have enough life experience to realize that many families (if not most) will go through financial difficulties of one degree or another at some point in their life.  Whether it is an unexpected job loss, medical bills, student loans, or whatever…life happens and debt problems happen.

In today’s show I push back against the rants of the Facebook trolls who offer their simple (if condescending) financial advice on how to deal with debt problems.

I further share with you the top reasons people end up with serious debt problems and why I think it is so vital that consumers fight back against creditors who are violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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