Consumer Warrior PodcastThis may sound a little hippy-dippy of me, but in this episode I discuss the necessary mindset to finally deal with your overwhelming debt problems.  Many people who are facing serious debt issues like foreclosure, debt collection lawsuits, and bankruptcy have been dealing with debt problems for years – sometimes decades.

And while dealing with the underlying source of why you are in debt is an important part of this, it is not the focus on this episode. Today I want to help you deal with the problem that is causing the immediate pain, and in doing so I will give you three ways in which you must adjust your thinking to be able to deal with the debt problem once and for all.

Additionally, I will discuss how to overcome the “I’m a bad person” mentality and why you should never take the abuse of debt collectors.  I have been helping consumers for nearly twelve years.  Day-in-and-day-out I meet with families from every walk of life who have run into financial difficulties.  Whether it is medical problems, loss of a job, of the closing of a business, there are many different reasons people run into debt problems – and you should consider yourself lucky if at sometime in your life you don’t have money problems.

I hope you enjoy the new and improved Consumer Warrior Podcast and I truly hope that it is helpful to your situation.  If you ever have a question you would like answered feel free to email me at and I might share it in an upcoming episode of the podcast.

Also, there are millions of families out there that are suffering through serious financial difficulty.  It is my hope to reach those families and provide them with helpful information that can solve debt problems and reduce the stress.  Please feel free to share this podcast with others and if you feel so inclined I would really appreciate a review in iTunes.  You can do that by clicking below:

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