Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in ArizonaI, like most bankruptcy attorneys here in Arizona, offer a free consultation for those wanting to learn more about the process of filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy.  The bankruptcy consultation is a great time for you to understand the basics of what is involved in a chapter 7 filing and what you can expect from the bankruptcy process.

Often when people come in for the consultation I can tell they are stressed out, nervous, angry, depressed, etc. and I can tell that they aren’t absorbing very much of what I am saying.  It is with that scenario in mind that I thought I would do an audio version of an initial consultation for a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

By no means do I cover every possible situation in a chapter 7 filing, but I do give you a general idea of what the bankruptcy process is like here in Arizona.  As I have mentioned before, if you have specific questions on your case you should contact an attorney.  But if you are looking for some general information go head and click on the audio player above!

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John Skiba, Esq. John Skiba, Esq.

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