Junk Debt BuyersOver the years I have battled a lot of different junk debt buyers here in Arizona and while the underlying business model is generally the same between them all (they buy charged off debts and sue people), there are some characteristics that are unique to each debt buyer that can impact the way your case is handled.

In this article I wanted to go over the most common and aggressive junk debt buyers in Arizona and some of the characteristics of each.

The Big Four

When it comes to junk debt buyers there is a clear hierarchy.  Time and again there are three companies that file the most lawsuits within the state of Arizona:  Midland Funding, Cavalry SPV I, CACH, LLC, and Portfolio Recovery.

Midland Funding, LLC

Midland Funding tends to be the biggest player on the block in Arizona.  There are about three different law firms in town that handle their cases and recently I have seen Midland Funding have one of its in-house attorney’s handle many of the smaller cases.  And speaking of smaller cases a fairly new trend I have seen with Midland Funding is them filing lawsuits for debts under $1,000.  Lately is not uncommon for me to meet with people who are being sued by Midland Funding for less $800 bucks.

When it comes to litigating against Midland Funding you can expect to deal with employees of a sister company, Midland Credit Management, Inc.  Midland Funding, LLC has no employees.  Midland often buys debts directly from the original creditor so the chain of title is usually pretty short.  The witnesses that they bring to trial generally have almost zero information about the specific account that is being sued on.

Cavalry SPV I

Cavalry SPV I is also a big filer of debt collection lawsuits in Arizona.  For the most part I see only one law firm handling these cases. The lawyer that typically works the case is very thorough and will often send out written discovery requests which can increase the time and workload in defending your case.


CACH, LLC cases are often handled by a couple different law firms here in Arizona.  CACH cases are often purchased from other debt buyers, meaning that the chain of title is usually longer and more difficult for CACH to prove in court.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC

Portfolio Recovery Associates is a large company that files a lot of debt collection lawsuits.  Handled by a couple different law firms in town they also often purchase their accounts directly from the original creditor resulting in a short chain of title.

Bottom Feeders

Then there is everyone else.  There are numerous small debt buyers – often companies that are owned by the attorneys (or their family members) who are bringing the debt collection lawsuit.  These junk debt buyers almost always are purchasing accounts that have traded hands multiple times.  This results in chain of title issues, witness issues, and statute of limitations issues.

Here is a list of some of the smaller junk debt buyers that sue consumers in Arizona:

Cortez Investment Co., LLC

Alco Capital Group

Lakewalk, LLC

Absolute Resolutions II, LLC

Admiral Investments, LLC

Razor Capital, LLC

Regional Acceptance Corporation


And there are many, many more.  The point of this article is that depending on the debt buyer who sues you there will be different approaches and defenses available in attempting to prevail in your case.

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