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John Skiba is a great lawyer. He is upfront with his prices and has payment plans available. While handling our case he was always on time and prepared. He promptly returned emails, texts and phone calls. He gave us individual attention and always made sure we were prepared. John and his team made our bankruptcy case smooth and as stress free as possible. – Jessica, Gilbert, Arizona

The months leading up to the decision to file bankruptcy were so stressful. I spoke with a few law offices and decided on John Skiba. I am so glad that we did. His office made an extremely awful time in our lives so much easier. We just had our 341 meeting and everything has gone exactly how he said it would. It has been very quick and has lifted a huge burden off our shoulders. He also has financing options if needed. I could not recommend him more. – Karyn, Mesa, Arizona

John is the best debt defense attorney in the business…If you’re getting sued by a debt collector do yourself a favor and hire Mr. Skiba and his team, they will not disappoint. Not only did he win my case, he was even able to secure a judgment covering all of my attorney/filing fees! – Andrew, Tempe, Arizona

I think Attorney Skiba is awesome. I was referred to him by a lawyer friend in Texas who listens to John’s podcasts on running a law practice. Attorney Skiba handled my Chapter 7 in a professional and above board manner. He is accessible to his clients and he knows what he’s doing. You can pay less but you can’t get better. John’s office is 40 miles from my home and he was worth the drive. – Lane, Phoenix, Arizona

What can I say about John Skiba ? I’ll start with what a great attorney he is ! My husband and I were basically drowning in debt, and trying to keep the collectors away, but this was something that got the best of us, and we just couldn’t do it on our own. I began looking for a bankruptcy attorney. Ugh. What a job that was !

I read and read and read different reviews from all sorts of people about several attorneys, and just when I was about ready to give up before I even started, I came across the attorney, John Skiba. I read everything he had posted online about himself, his experience, and reviews written about him. I liked what I read.

He seemed very knowledgeable. I made the call, made an appointment and my husband and I met with Mr. Skiba. I have to tell you, from the first impression, my husband and I liked him right away. He listened. He really listened. He didn’t rush us. He made us feel comfortable. Needless to say, we hired him that moment. Our bankruptcy case has been completed, and John was with us every step. He made us not feel ashamed, but made a fresh start for us. I would not hesitate to recommend John Skiba to anyone who is in need of a top-notch Bankruptcy attorney. Thanks, John.  – Jimmy & Neva, Phoenix, Arizona

John was a pleasure for me and my wife to work with. Both him and his team were there for us every step of the way and was one of the only groups of people who didn’t make us feel like we were irrespnsible with money. After losing my job a few years ago and going out on my own with my own business caused us to plunge further into debt which is why we needed his assitance. His team understood that while others didn’t. I would highly recommend John and his team. – Brandon, Queen Creek, Arizona

John Skiba is the best consumer lawyer in the valley. I set up a phone consultation, he explained everything about my case and he told me he could win my case. And he sure did win my case, and not only win my case he got me compensation. I’m so happy I let him handled my case. – L. Garcia, Tolleson, Arizona

John was extremely helpful and his whole staff was very understanding and considerate. They were able to help us and took care of all our needs in a very short time, and they always took the time to talk us through any questions we had along the way. Would highly recommend him. – S. Gatson, Phoenix, Arizona

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Financial Coaching

John Skiba is consumer protection attorney and a certified Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach. Learn vital financial skills and strategies in saving, budgeting, and getting out of debt using the Dave Ramsey approach.

Lawsuit Defense

Being sued by Portfolio Recovery, Midland Funding, Cavalry SPV, CACH, or one of the other debt buyers? John is the leading attorney in the fight against junk debt buyers. Click here to learn more about how we can assist you in fighting back against the debt buyers.

$0 Down Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a powerful debt elimination tool that can stop wage garnishment, foreclosure, and repossession. File your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy with $0 down and then low monthly payments after you file.

Self-Help Services

Sometimes it is not necessary or financially feasible to hire an attorney to help you with your debt problem. We offer self-help services, including video tutorials, templates, and forms.

Financial Coaching or Bankruptcy?

My Debt Was Charged Off- Why Are They Still Calling Me?

A Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Take on Dave Ramsey

4 Reasons Bankruptcy May Be a Very Bad Idea.

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Nearly a year ago I  received a court order in the mail. As i began to read i realized my worst fears were coming true. I was being sued! Stress and worry occupied my every waking moment. The effects of a lawsuit would be devastating for my family and I.

It took months for the trial to come but in the end it was exactly as Mr. Skiba  had predicted. The results couldn’t have turned out better. Dismissed with prejudice! I can’t possibly thank Him enough. I strongly recommend Arizona Consumer Law Group to anyone that finds themselves in a financial crisis. I truly believe you can’t find better guidance or representation.

Kenneth R.

I was extremely happy with the help I received from Mr. Skiba and his staff. Everyone was more helpful than I could have ever asked for.

I hope I Never need the help from AZ Consumer Law Group, PLC; however if I do I will not think twice before calling. I wish to thank everyone for everything you did for me. Thank You RM

Robert M.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am not a client of John, and am actually a Judgment Enforcer by trade.  I usually am the person suing for debts that are owed.

I randomly sat in on one of his trials, in a case where I thought it was very clear that his client owed the money.

John DECIMATED the opposing attorney, like a gentleman, and WON!

I’m still in shock over how he accomplished this, but he did!


G.K. - Yelp Review

It was a great experience working with John Skiba and his staff. They were very helpful and explained every options we have before we even agreed on him taking our case. Believe me every step of the way they were there for us and answered all our concerns about our situation. John and Kymber definitely made it more easy for us and helped us to have peace of mind. Thank you so much and we will definitely refer your service to our family and friends. Again we appreciate you all and we wish you all the best. God bless

David G.

I will use you again I’m certain, and I will definetely recommend you to anyone. Not only did you fully help me with my legal emergency, but you were very generous with your time when we met, as well as on the phone when I had more questions.  I loved thatyou speak plan English, you mad the law and the process very to easy to digest! Thank you so much for your immediate response to my needs. I’m so grateful to have gotten your number from my friend!

Paulina K.

I started my journey 3 years ago with Mr. Skiba. It began with him winning our case for us with out any issues.

Mr. Skiba also got a judgment in our behalf for our attorney fees. Which  took almost 3 years to get back. The opposing attorney just ignored all the judges rulings.

But Mr. Skiba didn’t give up and we finally got our money back Thanks a lot for all your hard work.

B.M. - Yelp Review

I received a call from a Collection Agency from an apartment that I lived in 5 years ago. I did not want to settle with the collection agency on a debt that I didn’t feel occurred.

Though I could have settled for possible less than attorney fees, I hired John off the principle of the situation. Not only did John win the Judgment, but also had their Attorney pay for my costs. I would recommend the professionalism of Arizona Consumer Law Group to everyone!

Justin B. - Yelp Review

You guys are the very best, awesome. Definitely using your skills as a lawyer too do good and help others. I greatly appreciate all your help and assistance with my legal matters. God bless you…

Mike T.

John and Kymber are amazing!! I had so much anxiety in dealing with all of my debt and issues and they made the process quick and painless.

John even took the time to rush my paperwork and went out of his way to make sure things were handled and my questions were answered.

I’m so incredibly grateful and thankful for them and would gladly refer any friends and family!!

Tiffany M. - Yelp Review

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